Your Day of Surgery

Finally the day you’ve waiting for has arrived!  Now it is time to relax and let our highly qualified and experienced professionals take care of you.


This is a day where comfort and ease counts.  Please wear a loose fitting top or jacket that buttons or zips up the front and loose fitting pull on pants, like sweatpants.  Or, a loose top, gym shorts (which you can keep on during for many procedures) and robe works well.  Easy slip on shoes or sandals are best.  Please remove all make up, jewelry and piercings before coming in.  Please leave all valuables, including jewelry, at home.


Upon entering our waiting room, you’ll be greeted at the front desk and then proceed to your pre-operative room where your pre-op nurse will help you get ready for surgery.

Before surgery

In the pre-operative room, you’ll change into a soft patient gown and put on white compression stockings which decrease your chances for blood clots. You’ll put on warm footies, a blanket, and a surgical hat to cover your hair. Next, your nurse will place your IV and begin your IV fluids and antibiotics.  Soon after, you will meet the anesthesia provider to review the anesthetic plan. Your surgeon will meet you to discuss the plan and perform pre-surgical skin marking. When it’s time for surgery, the nurse will walk you to the operating room while your support person returns to the waiting area.

In the operating room

In the O.R. you will be greeted again by your surgeon, the anesthesia provider, operating room nurse, and surgical technician. Here you will be assisted on to the operating room bed and soon peacefully fall asleep. Patients receiving local anesthesia will be monitored and informed of the progress of their procedure by your nurse and surgeon.  If you are getting general anesthesia or sedation, you will wake up in the O.R. after surgery and we will reassure you that your surgery is complete.

Time to go home!

After surgery, you’ll be moved to a postoperative room where you will be closely monitored by a recovery room nurse. Once you’re fully awake, able to drink something, and have been checked for pain control, a nurse will help you get ready to go home.

You and your support person will be given specific instructions on how to take care of you at home and what medications to take (if any). You will be wheeled out of our facility in a wheelchair and assisted into your support person’s waiting car.

While at home

Within 72 hours after surgery, one of our staff members will call to check on your progress. It’s important to let us know if you’re experiencing any problems or complications.

A few weeks after your procedure, you may receive an email from us via Survey Monkey, asking you to rate your satisfaction with your visit. As our valued patient, we want you to be able to rate every aspect of your experience with us. Your opinion counts and knowing what you think helps us to continue to improve our care of our patients.